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About us

As a team, we have been aspired to change the old methods on a field which requires constant innovation. So we started our company, OTOMATTO. Through two years, we have been determined to our mission, catching up to the modern technology all around the globe and provide it to our customers as fast and at the best quality as we can.

What we offer

We offer tech-consultancy and tech-solutions by creative manners. We believe a unique approach is needed for each project, so we use the most effective and modern technologies such as Flutter, Angular, Javascript and Cloud Services when developing them.

Our company culture

We are a team of entrepreneur minds who are driven by the vision of building a firm network and gaining long-term partnerships by offering the best quality version of the mixture of creativeness and effectiveness. We pay attention to the sustainability and the story of our projects, as well as the overall experience. We love what we do and according to several feedbacks, we are good at it.

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